Free Music For Your Game Project

Turns out that some things in life are free after all! And that includes music for your game project. Here you’ll find a selection of premium quality background music tracks, for you to download and use in your game today, for the low, low price of nothing at all. Enjoy!

Free tracks on Video Game Stock Music come with the same flexible licence as paid products, so feel free to use them in commercial for-profit projects as much as you like. Browse high quality tracks for combat, exploring, puzzles, trailers and title themes and add value to your game without paying a penny.
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Free Music For Combat, Stealth & Action

Create tension, suspense and action with free music for combat and stealth gameplay. All of the combat and stealth tracks listed below are sliced into looping sections of varying intensity for maximum flexibility. Select any one to set the tone or stitch them together for a dynamic musical soundscape for your game. Try Incursion or Battlefield for modern cinematic action, Dark Tension or Stealth for espionage and sneaking around or Centurion for an all out orchestral epic. All of these premium quality tracks are completely free to use in commercial and non-commercial game projects.

Free Fantasy & Open World Background Music

Build magical fantasy worlds, open landscapes and add beautiful orchestral music to your game, for Free! Using natural, orchestral and acoustic instruments, this collection of fantasy, medieval and open world background music is designed to breath life into fantasy game projects. With an angelic looping choir, Church is the perfect loop for religious locations. Other themed tracks include Western Loop, a free wild west style track that comes in two layers and Tavern Loop, for busy medieval taverns and pubs, also provided in two edits. For a more traditional fantasy soundscape, why not try Open Exploring, a majestic orchestral piece, with sweeping strings and brass, made for big open worlds, or Frozen Landscape, a large, desolate musical piece for cold, lifeless worlds. 

Free Game Trailer & Title Music

Unique, interesting and guaranteed to add some character to your game project. Use these free title and trailer tracks to create magnificent title screens, exciting trailers and back-able crowdfunding campaigns. Try Wasteland, a detailed guitar piece split into four different loops, or Fantasy Title, which features guitar and flute for a quaint title theme. For something a little more moder, try Planet Title, a synth based title track made for science fiction styled games or for something more grand, try Fighter’s Struggle, a classic track that features on the Combat Collection, and one that’s been used in some pretty exciting game trailers.

Free Casual & Puzzle Game Music

For puzzle games, platformers, apps and other games you might find on your phone, try these free casual and puzzle tracks. For something a little quirky, try Comedy Noir, a long, slightly awkward musical pieces with an off-beat continental style, or maybe Point and Click for something a little more upbeat and a bit mysterious. Banjo Loop is short, and a little bit nuts as well, whilst Item Store 1 is much calmer, perfect for shopping parodies with its ‘Musak’ feel. Finally, if you’re after something a little special and unique, try First Steps, a developed musical title with a beautiful crescendo.


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  • Use in your video, film or trailer
  • Edit, trim compress as needed
  • Royalty Free
  • No Content ID warnings
  • Cannot re-sell, share, distribute as a standalone audio product

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